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The Urbano Project

As I was being photographed by Jess I had the strange and pleasant feeling of looking rather than being looked at. Her voice and her eyes behind the camera were never intrusive, which made the whole experience very cozy and enjoyable. Afterwards, looking at the photographs I could really see my comfortable self-image, and I felt reassured, satisfied, and of course flattered.
--Tiziana D'Angelo

Jess quickly established a professional, friendly rapport, making us feel at ease in having our portraits taken. Her perceptiveness for setting and light is particularly impressive, as is her ability to work with a variety of formats, from medium and large format film to digital. Her wide range of discerning, affecting work speaks for itself.
--Patrick Barron & Manual Mariani

Having been a professional musician and entertainer for many years, I've been photographed quite a bit. But never have I felt so comfortable and in the hands of a true artist, as I did during the shoot one summer day with Jess Robson. Her relaxed and warm personal vibe instantly put me at ease and allowed the true essence of my character to emerge through the layers of guardedness and protective shell. I completely felt I could trust her keen eye for detail and perfect moment for capture. The result was an experience I'll never forget and is forever immortalized in the gorgeous photos that resulted from that day. I now know the true meaning of Photography as an art. It was an almost magical occurrence that I look forward to repeating.
--Nephtaliem McCrary

My siblings and I have had our portrait done every 7 years for the past 35+ years. On the last round we hired Jess and gave her an almost impossible task: do the photo shoot outdoors in mid-day sun in a remote location after the clients have been imbibing champagne (a tradition for each portrait session). She did a magnificent job despite some frustrations (snap of photographer attached) and we are definitely using her for our next portrait - due this year!
--Sally Hess

My cats and I loved having Jessica take their pictures! She was very flexible and imaginative at engaging them and bringing out their personalities. I so regret that I never got good pictures of my previous cat who passed away, and I'm so utterly delighted to have these beautiful photos that so perfectly and artistically capture both the character and physical presence of my cats.
--Alice Frye

Working with Jess was a treat. Her calm demeanor and professional manner really helped allay my nervousness and the pictures she took were stunning." You can use my name, too.

Jess has taken photos of my latest film and video shoots. Because actors and the crew are so at ease with her presence, she is able to capture images that are both incredibly beautiful and extremely informative for me as a director.
--Amanda brown

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