wandering in the windows of Paris...

Paris, La Ville-Lumière'….

Thinking back to wandering the streets of Belleville, peering in windows of strange design, objects natural and material, light seen as reflections and refractions.

But perhaps I am also part of this miscellany, photographing with a camera made in the 1950’s, looking down to see through, patience and excitement to see the image appear on film many days later....or in this instance, a few years later.

There is, of course, so much more…more Parisian days to come, more London days to come, more magical images appearing before my eyes as I scan the film from the last 4 years. I love film – it’s luminosity and depth – the process of not knowing immediately if what you think you saw through the camera will be what the camera actually sees and captures – but now, as some time has passed from when these pictures were taken, I am transported to Belleville…a cool, cloudy afternoon, perhaps taking some time to daydream in a café and then to wander and gaze upon these windows of miscellany and reflections.